Emi Jewellery

Who is Emi Jewellery?

Emi is a PETAa approved, vegan concept fashion accessories brand, specialising in women's jewellery. Founded in 2009, by Xander Kostroma; our aim is to offer affordable costume jewellery with a conscience to women aged 30+. 

"Emi" is a Japanese word that literally translates as "Beautiful" or "Smile".

The idea behind our label?

To take a social stand on ethical issues when sourcing materials as a company. We believe in acknowledging and fighting issues we hear about in the media daily, in fashion it is not only our social duty, but a moral obligation and yes - you guessed it, sweatshops, animal cruelty and child labour are still happening all over the world. We will never use unethical methods when manufacturing our products, we're a vegan friendly company, and we mean that.


PS - if you want to pick our brains about anything, don't be afraid to ask. You can easily contact us here.